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1. Inspection

Anyone can browse the auction catalogs online, but you must register first in order to bid.

While items have photographs and good-faith descriptions, you are responsible for your own inspection. Everything is sold as-is, where-is without warranties of any kind.

Typically there is a public preview the day before the auction closes. Refer to each auction’s landing page for times and addresses.

2. Bidding

Once you register, a bidder number is emailed to you. To bid, simply visit an online event you’re interested in by clicking “ENTER AUCTION”, then click the “BID NOW” to view the catalog.

Next to each item’s photo and description are the bidding boxes. You can place the “next bid required” in the “your bid” box and/or your “max” bid in the “your maximum” box.

You can then click “submit bid” which will take to the bottom of the page so you can enter your bidder number and password. If you’re bidding on multiple items, you can enter them as you go down the catalog and just hit “submit” at the bottom of the page. Please note you’ll have to hit “submit” bids at the bottom of each page. Typically there are 50 items per page.

Note that MAX BIDS are an optional feature whereby you authorize the software to bid on your behalf up to a designated amount. Sometimes it functions as a tie-breaker: for example, if you enter a $10 current bid with a $100 maximum bid today, and someone else enters a $100 bid during the auction closing, it will award you the high bid since it was time-stamped first.

Make sure you’re watching the auction when it closes!! Many bids are entered at the last minute. Be sure to regularly refresh the page!

3. Payment

After the auction, credit cards on file are automatically run for the total amount of your balance due. You will then receive an itemized receipt via e-mail.

If you would rather pay cash at removal, you must send the Auction Manager an email before the auction closes. There is no discount for paying in cash.

Please note: A buyer’s premium will be added to each purchase (it can vary, so refer to each auction’s Terms for the percentage). For example, if you bid $100 and the buyer’s premium is 20%, you will be charged $120 at check-out.

On real estate auctions, the Auctioneer will contact you immediately after the auction to schedule execution of the purchase contract and earnest money deposit.

4. Removal

All items are required to be picked-up where they are physically located during the published removal times. Worley does not offer any shipping services or loading assistance. However, you can find recommended shippers/ movers on each auction’s landing page.

If you plan on using a mover or shipper, make sure you line them up before the auction closes. Worley cannot be held responsible if they fail to pick-up during the pre-designated times, and we usually cannot accommodate extended or alternate pick-up times.

You are responsible for safely disconnecting, moving and loading your items, so make sure you bring whatever tools, personnel and equipment you need.

Our clients often need their space vacated, so items not picked up during the removal time will be considered abandoned and may be subject to a disposal fee.

Buyer FAQ

I forgot my password… HELP!!

Just click on the "Reset Password" link in the platform.

It’s been a few years since I’ve bid… how do I update my address or credit card details?

Log into the platform and click the icon at the top right. Select "Account Profile" and update your information.

Why do I need a credit card?

The credit card helps guarantee you are who you say you are, and it’s typically how your invoice will be processed when the auction’s over.

What’s with the $25? Is there a fee?

Whenever you register or bid on a new auction event, there is a $25 authorization hold.  This is similar to a hold placed when you check into a hotel.  The authorization hold is immediately released by us after the auction.  Depending on your financial institution, it can take three (3) to ten (10) business days for the funds to become available again.

This authorization occurs per auction, not per item.  So if you place bids on four different auctions, you will see four $25 holds totaling $100.

Can I pay cash?

Normally cards are run automatically at the conclusion of the auction.  If you would rather pay cash at removal, you must send an email to the Auction Manager for that auction before the auction closes and the email MUST include your bidder number.

Please note you have to follow this procedure every time you want to pay cash.  We cannot “flag” your profile to be a cash buyer

Can I pay by wire?

If you have a large invoice and would like to wire your funds, please contact the Auction Manager for that auction and ask for wire instructions.

Please note we cannot release your items until the wire funds are in our account.  Therefore, make sure you initiate the wire right away to prevent any hold-ups in picking up your item(s).

Can I pay using multiple credit cards?

Let’s say you’re buying a high-ticket item like a truck and would like to split payment between two credit cards.  Before the auction ends, send the Auction Manager for that auction a short e-mail indicating 1) that you want to use two cards; and 2) how much you would like to charge to the card CURRENTLY on file. 

After he runs the first amount, he’ll ask you to update your bidder profile  and once you’ve done so, send a 2nd email saying it’s okay to run it for the balance.

Due to our fraud prevention policy, we cannot allow you to use more than two credit cards.  Both credit cards must be issued to you.

I can’t make the removal times. What do I do?

If you cannot make the published removal times, we recommend you either find someone to pick-up on your behalf or hire a packing/shipping/moving company to do so.

Almost all of our auctions are held at our client’s home or place of business.  Often times these spaces are leased and we have firm vacate times.  Scenarios vary from auction to auction… We’ve had several where the bulldozers roll in to tear down a building as soon as we leave. 

Very rarely, we can accommodate an alternate pick-up time or bring a small item back to our office for you.  However, you will be charged an additional $50 at minimum.  DO NOT ASSUME an alternate pick-up is possible!! DO NOT ASSUME we can bring an item back to our office!! You must confirm your arrangement with the Auction Manager before the auction ends.

My employee’s cat’s friend will be picking up my items. What do you need from me so they can pick things up?

If anyone beside yourself (e.g., employee, family, friend, shipper or mover) will be picking up items on your behalf, be sure to fill-out the 3rd PARTY RELEASE FORM available here

You can either 1) send a hard copy with your authorized agent to the removal; or 2) scan and e-mail it to the Auction Manager.

The item looked bigger in the picture… I don’t like what I bought… It’s not what I expected… It won’t fit in my Prius. Can I get a refund?

“No” is the short answer.  All items are sold as-is, where-is, without warranty of any kind, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

While we endeavor to be as forthright as practical in our descriptions and generally include overall measurements, we do have public preview events where you can inspect/ test items prior to purchase.

Most items are used, so there are usually imperfections of some kind.  An auction is not a retail store, sorry- so we cannot offer refunds or returns.

The overwhelming majority of our bidders are happy with what they buy from our auctions.  If you’re ever unsure about the working condition of an item, please come to the Preview event or contact us.  We can’t make guarantees, but we’ll be happy to plug something in for you or let you inspect something remotely via FaceTime.

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