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Event-driven asset sales use customized marketing methods to attract ideal buyers ready to compete with cash in hand. This time-tested environment compels bidders to compete against each other in the ring, saving the Seller the stress of the negotiating table and the uncertainty of a final sale date.

The key to successful personal property liquidation is providing the prospective buyer with complete information in a comfortable sales environment so as to inspire confidence in his purchasing decision.

Worley’s cutting edge marketing methods have been at the forefront of the industry for nearly 20 years. A sharp, secure, and user-friendly website presents the assets and processes their sale with unrivaled speed. Loyal bidders eagerly follow every exciting sale, while Worley targets the most promising prospects for every asset sale and brings them into the arena.

Time Sensitive Events

Worley liquidations are event-driven, unlike ebay or Craigslist that sell single items to single buyers over an extended and usually indefinite period of time. All events occur at a set location during a scheduled preview, closing, and removal. These scheduled events save the Seller valuable time during a transition, and insure the assets are timely liquidated (e.g., lease expiration, estate settlement, contractual commercial deadlines).

Worley Supervised Events

Once the Seller decides to turn assets into cash, Worley provides turnkey services until the assets are sold and the space is clear. Preliminary evaluations; Cataloging and photographing; Marketing; sales and related transactions; and Highly secure and professional on-site management – Worley handles everything. The Seller simply identifies the assets to be sold, saving invaluable time during a key transitional period.

Seller Supervised Events

Clients with fewer assets to liquidate can prepare their own inventories and manage their own preview and removal events. Worley’s rich sales and marketing resources support the event, while the Seller minimizes expenses. Worley provides necessary supplies with a start-to-finish resource guide to streamline the event production process.

Private Sale Events

Sometimes clients elect to limit buyers to employees, associates, other building occupants, or a pre-selected group of prospective purchasers. Estate administrators might even settle contentious disputes or accelerate the estate settlement process by auctioning tangible personal property to the heirs themselves. Whatever the situation, Worley will find an equitable solution.

Bulk Sales

Occasionally circumstances might determine it’s best to sell certain assets in bulk for a single bid to a single purchaser. Worley works closely with the Seller to craft an event that makes financial sense and meets time-sensitive asset removal requirements.

Online Inventories & Valuations

Organizations in transition often need complete and accurate information (accessible and searchable) before final decisions are made on the relocation or liquidation of existing assets. Worley can prepare detailed asset inventories according to variable specifications: including assigning inventory control numbers, item description with corresponding digital photo, manufacturer/model/serial number and other relevant data affecting valuation.

Reports can be prepared as standard spreadsheets or as fully searchable online forms for real-time executive collaboration on asset allocation and disposition. An independent and professionally prepared asset inventory can help an organization’s decision makers, and provide valuable evidence should occasion require.

Worley’s customized asset solutions support individuals and organizations in transition generate the liquidity they need.

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