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The Best Ways to Sell Your Equipment


Turning commercial assets into cash can be challenging- but it doesn’t have to be.  Professional auctioneers offer free consultations to evaluate what you have and to assess marketability.

As you might imagine, more valuable and versatile assets perform better than obsolete or highly specialized pieces.  The free consultation will help you decide the best course of action.  Call Penny Worley directly today (513) 774-9182 and set one up.

Online auctions expose your assets to a wide range of buyers.  A good Cincinnati auctioneer has an established buyer audience for all asset classes.  This unique audience has been curated over decades- and over the course of thousands of auctions.  Moreover, the auctioneer’s marketing team will simultaneously use well-designed targeted marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to accent the buyer base for YOUR assets!

Listing sites and social media marketplace venues can often “leave money on the table” because the right buyers aren’t always competing against each other in a truly open marketplace.  Plus it’s extremely time-consuming conducting a DIY sale: scheduling potential buyer appointments, and then re-scheduling when they don’t show up.  Going in circles negotiating prices.  Having to take time out of your schedule to supervise moving and pick-up.

An online auction conducted by a licensed Ohio auctioneer, however, allows everything to happen turn-key: clearing space and liquidating assets according to a highly-regimented timeline.  The auctioneer’s staff carefully supervises the removal to insure there’s no damage to the facility.

Liquidators won’t make an offer above certain price-points, since their job is to resell the same assets.  The best Cincinnati auctioneers, however, primarily market to end-user consumers who are willing to pay much higher prices.  There are many factors involved with clearing space and achieving top dollar for your assets.  Call today (513) 774-9182 to schedule your free consultation, or send us a brief introductory email in the “Contact Us” section below.     

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