Our Story

Our Story

Worley Auctioneers is committed to helping businesses, banks, individuals, estates and government agencies turn assets into cash.

Our asset recovery solutions market your property in a competitive bidding environment to achieve the highest possible price.  Our proven methods and professional team have sold millions of dollars in assets coast-to-coast and beyond.

Founded in 1994, Penny Worley conducted hundreds of live auctions and became a pioneer in the online auction industry- introducing the platform to the Cincinnati market in 2001.

Worley continued to grow servicing a contract for the Carlson Group when they re-branded more than 300 TGI Friday’s nationwide.  During the Great Recession, Worley inventoried and auctioned failed banks across the country for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) under a $45 million+ contract.  The firm remains under contract with the FDIC and has conducted auctions in 33 states and Puerto Rico.

In a highly competitive marketplace, we know you have a host of options for asset recovery.  Worley Auctioneers is a proven industry leader:

  • Fully licensed and bonded Auctioneers in the State of Ohio
  • Specializes in large commercial projects; accommodates sensitive timelines; provides professional turnkey service
  • Over 20 years experience liquidating commercial enterprises
  • Vast network of buyers developed from conducting auctions in 33 states
  • Proven track-record for the proper and safe removal of heavy equipment and Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FFE)
  • $2 million commercial liability insurance
  • A+ Rating- Better Business Bureau (BBB)

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