Niki L. Day Event Coordinator, Sharonville Chamber of Commerce

It was wonderful seeing you in your element as our auctioneer.  We have no doubt that our auction benefited from your involvement.  We wish you could have heard the countless compliments from our guests over the course of the evening, which reflected on the great job you did.  It would have been impossible to produce this quality of event without your help.

Cassie Brown Development Associate, St. Rita School for the Deaf

Thank you for conducting our benefit auction. With your help we was able to raise over 10K for our students. This is amazing for a first year and we are looking forward to continuing a relationship with you.

Richard E. Hansen

I received a call from the Branch Manager of the former FNB Central Florida, West Orlando branch to relay to me how professional Penny Worley’s team had been in executing the inventory of his branch. Mr. Skrzyniarz’s branch is in an affluent neighborhood and is decorated in accordance to its clientele. I think he had some concerns going into the process but Penny’s team made such an impression upon him, he felt he should call to let me know.

Valerie S. Bradford

Thanks to you and your staff for all the work that they did out here for the Auction. They are all such hard workers and just really great guys. I appreciate the detail and the positive attitude that I saw displayed while they were doing the set up and also when the customers were here for preview and pick up.

Mary Ann Jenike Co-Owner, Dust Jacket, Bookstore

I just wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the auction of our small business. Your staff were so helpful and so knowledgeable. It was emotionally very difficult for me to have to close the business. However, it was very  reassuring to have your team put my mind at ease that all would be well. They were very professional and very thorough. Very happy with the results!

Bonnie C. Kelly Resolution and Receiverships Specialist, FDIC

I have been impressed by the Worley team in general (and Penny in particular: she is a force of nature on her own).

Bruce A. Runyon President/CEO, TrustBank

Penny and her staff were very professional and accommodating in working with me. I was truly impressed with their dedication to do whatever it took to get the job accomplished in the most efficient manner. I commend FDIC on choosing to work with a company that possesses the professional qualities of Penny Worley Auctioneers.