Ohio Foreclosures

Ohio Foreclosures

Penny Worley Kien is an Ohio Private Selling Officer and founding member of the Ohio Foreclosure Auction Group.  She is currently under contract with the FDIC and specializes in selling REO’s for banks and corporations.

Effective September 28, 2016, the new Ohio foreclosure law (H.B. 390) develops a procedure to expedite foreclosures on abandoned and vacant properties.  It also allows an authorized Private Selling Officer to auction the property in lieu of the sheriff.

This is great news for Ohio neighborhoods, as the expedited process insures a new buyer will be able to rehabilitate the property more quickly.  Also, banks and municipalities don’t have to let Real Estate Owned (REO’s) languish on the books.

By engaging a Private Selling Officer, you will often receive a higher return faster.  Traditional Sheriff’s Sales often do not expose properties to an extensive marketplace. 

As an Ohio Private Selling Officer, Penny Worley Kien uses her 20+ years experience as an Auctioneer and Realtor to market and sell foreclosed properties in a competitive bidding environment.

She manages Cincinnati Foreclosure Auctions and Dayton Foreclosure Auctions with territory covering the following counties: Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Montgomery etc…. [SEND CURRENT LIST OF COUNTIES PLEASE]

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