Hemmings: Mother Load of Barn-Find Indians

Hemmings: Mother Load of Barn-Find Indians

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Mother lode of barn-find Indians see light of day

When Penny Worley Auctioneers was approached about selling the contents of the estate of Bill King Jr., I’m sure they got the standard line from the executor: “coupla Corvettes, a few Indians, a few other cars and some extra parts.” What they encountered could be considered an Indian collector’s mother lode. In addition to seven original “barn find” Indians, the parts could keep a few Indian restorers in the business for years to come.

The original 1936 Indian upside down Four (pictured above) has to be my favorite of the bikes. Okay, so it is missing a seat (not a problem; one of the parts lots is original Indian seats) and a gas tank. But, this classic looks unmolested, with matching-numbers engine and frame.

There is also a 1937 Junior Scout, a Fifties Brave, a 1940 Chief V-Twin and a 1941 inline-four up for grabs as well. Parts lots include inline-four engine cylinders, heads, cases, and four original Indian sidecars in need of restoration. The auction will also feature a modified inline-four that was built for use in aircraft; the transmission case has been modified to attach a propeller. If you are restoring a late Thirties Indian three-wheel Dispatch Tow, a rear axle assembly and rear body sheetmetal are also listed as one of the lots. Automotive parts including Hemi engine parts and Corvette pieces are also available.

The cars up for bid include a 1985 Lamborghini Jalpa, a 1962 fuel-injected Corvette, 1966 big block Corvette Stingray and a 1973 MGB. The auction is online only through Worley’s website; however, you can show up in Hamilton, Ohio, from October 14-16 to inspect the lots. Those choosing to stay and bid will be provided a computer at the Worley offices to do so.

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