Media inquiries: Please contact Penny Worley Kien directly at (513) 310-2596.

Ms. Worley Kien is an expert in economic trends, the real estate & equipmentmarketplace, and asset valuation.  She has appeared on FOX Business and local network affiliates in the Cincinnati/Dayton area.

Ohio Foreclosures

Penny Worley Kien is an Ohio Private Selling Officer and founding member of the Ohio Foreclosure Auction Group.  She is currently under contract with the FDIC and specializes in selling REO’s for banks and corporations.

Effective September 28, 2016, the new Ohio foreclosure law (H.B. 390) develops a procedure to expedite foreclosures on abandoned and vacant properties.  It also allows an authorized Private Selling Officer to auction the property in lieu of the sheriff.

This is great news for Ohio neighborhoods, as the expedited process insures a new buyer will be able to rehabilitate the property more quickly.  Also, banks and municipalities don’t have to let Real Estate Owned (REO’s) languish on the books.

By engaging a Private Selling Officer, you will often receive a higher return faster.  Traditional Sheriff’s Sales often do not expose properties to an extensive marketplace. 

As an Ohio Private Selling Officer, Penny Worley Kien uses her 20+ years experience as an Auctioneer and Realtor to market and sell foreclosed properties in a competitive bidding environment.

She manages Cincinnati Foreclosure Auctions and Dayton Foreclosure Auctions with territory covering the following counties: Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Montgomery etc…. [SEND CURRENT LIST OF COUNTIES PLEASE]

Contact her today for a free assessment.

For Non-Profits

For Facility Managers

Worley Auctioneers specializes in providing turn-key asset recovery and liquidation services to corporate clients.  Facility managers across the country turn to Worley Auctioneers for projects large and small.  Whether it’s specialized heavy equipment or hundreds of offices, we have a proven track record of:

  • Accommodating time-sensitive deadlines
  • Insuring commercial spaces are broom-clean and vacant
  • Managing projects start-to-finish with professional staff
  • Providing detailed reporting for inventory control
  • Achieving top-dollar for virtually any kind of asset
  • Supervising proper and safe disconnection/ removal
  • Maintaining $2 million commercial liability insurance
  • Receiving 5-star feedback from corporate facility managers

Contact us today for a free assessment. Discretion assured.

Why Choose Worley?

What We Can Do For You

For Brokers

Real Estate Solutions

Worley Auctioneers regularly works with listing agents and brokers to auction Ohio Real Estate.  This strategic partnership exposes the property to a vast network of investors and buyers through a competitive online bidding environment.  It’s an efficient win-win method to achieve the highest price as quickly as possible.

Real Estate Auction Advantages Include:

  • Timely sale
  • High carrying costs are avoided
  • Cash sale
  • No contingencies
  • Sold as-is, where-is
  • Customized advertising program
  • Scheduled “Open Houses”
  • Negotiations are limited
  • Competitive Bidding
  • True market value is established
  • Potential to realize more than the expected price

Penny Worley Kien is a fully licensed and bonded Auctioneer and Realtor in the State of Ohio.  Contact her today to discuss co-listing and referral opportunities.

For Sellers

For Real Estate info, go here.

Seller FAQs

Selling Process

1. Consultation

Contact Us for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll meet to assess your assets and customize an auction solution based on your needs and timeline.  Obviously, a higher overall value means a lower commission.

2. Catalog Production

Our team of professionals will organize, tag, photograph and inventory your assets.  We’ll build a custom webpage and open bidding immediately. 

3. Marketing

We develop a comprehensive marketing plan to attract the right buyers.  We’ll advertise it to our in-house database of bidders all over the country through weekly newsletters; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on content and images; social media; listings on AuctionZip and other marketplaces.  For larger projects, we’ll send direct mailers to a targeted list.

4. Preview, Closing & Removal

The day prior to auction closing we staff an on-site preview, allowing bidders to inspect and test items.  When the auction closes online, we process payment and send out receipts.  We then manage the item pick-up and send you an itemized list of realized prices.

For real estate auctions, we staff at least two open houses; arrange private showings and access for other agents; secure a purchase contract and earnest money deposit from the high bidder; and navigate you through the closing process.

5. Settlement

Funds are immediately deposited into our escrow account.  You will receive a check for the proceeds, together with comprehensive sales and marketing reports, about three weeks after the auction closes.

Seller FAQ

I’d like to talk to someone about having an auction.

Contact Penny Worley-Kien (CEO and Principal Auctioneer) directly at (513) 774-9182 or CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT US FORM for a free, no obligation consultation. With over 20 years experience, Penny has conducted thousands of auctions in 33 states featuring assets as diverse as real estate, restaurant liquidations, fine art collections, heavy equipment and collector cars.

How does an auction work?

When you schedule an appointment, we’ll do an initial walk-thru to discuss the logistics, review the auction process, and set event dates that work for you.  Then a team led by one of our project managers will arrange, professionally photograph, and tag each item for auction.

Everything is loaded onto our website and bidding begins immediately.  We then market your auction to attract the right buyers (signs, postcards, digital marketing, SEO, social media and more are options).  The day before the auction closes online, we staff a “Preview” event that allows people to inspect the items they’re bidding on.  Once the auction closes online, we secure payment via credit cards on file and send out receipts with pick-up instructions.  Traditionally items are picked-up the following day.  You’ll receive a check for the proceeds and detailed settlement report approximately 20 business days later.

What commission rate do you charge?

Our fees are fair and flexible.  Every auction differs, but the more total value that’s included in an auction, the lower the commission will be.   Other factors include the nature and condition of the assets; marketability; and the level of service required.  We offer a range of asset recovery solutions: from self-managed household auctions to full service turn-key commercial liquidations.  

Our success is symbiotic with yours because we generally work on a flat-rate commission basis.  The all-inclusive rate we agree to covers labor, marketing, credit card fees and more.

An estate sale company I found online offered a lower commission…

When selecting an Auctioneer, please don’t simply pick the lowest rate without taking into consideration what you’ll ultimately net.  For example, let’s assume an auction company with a less-than-illustrious portfolio quotes you 15% and receives a high bid of only $5000- you would net $4250.  Worley Auctioneers, however, might quote you 35%, for example, and achieve a high bid of $10,000- thereby netting you $6500.

So Beware!!!  The lowest commission does not necessarily mean you will receive the most money in the end.  We do, however, have a proven track record of achieving highly competitive realized prices for our clients.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

How long will it take?

Real estate auctions typically operate on a 4-6 week timeline, while personal property auctions occur over the course of 2-3 weeks.  The goal of an auction is to create a sense of urgency, encouraging bidders to compete against each other and pay the highest price possible- so short notice auctions are often very successful.

Is there a minimum or maximum?

No project is too large for our seasoned team of auction professionals, but in general, there needs to be at least about $5000 worth of assets to cover the costs of producing an auction event and to attract a large enough audience to make it successful.

I need to vacate the premises by the end of the month. Is that feasible?

In most cases, yes!!  Auctions are time-sensitive events, and many successful auctions are often accompanied by a sense of urgency.  It is feasible to conduct an auction in as little as one week.

What if something doesn’t sell?

Answer here.

Buying Process

For real estate info, go here.

Buyer FAQs

Helpful Links

1. Inspection

Anyone can browse the auction catalogs online, but you must register first in order to bid.

While items have photographs and good-faith descriptions, you are responsible for your own inspection. Everything is sold as-is, where-is without warranties of any kind.

Typically there is a public preview the day before the auction closes. Refer to each auction’s landing page for times and addresses.

2. Bidding

Once you register, a bidder number is emailed to you. To bid, simply visit an online event you’re interested in by clicking “ENTER AUCTION”, then click the “BID NOW” to view the catalog.

Next to each item’s photo and description are the bidding boxes. You can place the “next bid required” in the “your bid” box and/or your “max” bid in the “your maximum” box.

You can then click “submit bid” which will take to the bottom of the page so you can enter your bidder number and password. If you’re bidding on multiple items, you can enter them as you go down the catalog and just hit “submit” at the bottom of the page. Please note you’ll have to hit “submit” bids at the bottom of each page. Typically there are 50 items per page.

Note that MAX BIDS are an optional feature whereby you authorize the software to bid on your behalf up to a designated amount. Sometimes it functions as a tie-breaker: for example, if you enter a $10 current bid with a $100 maximum bid today, and someone else enters a $100 bid during the auction closing, it will award you the high bid since it was time-stamped first.

Make sure you’re watching the auction when it closes!! Many bids are entered at the last minute. Be sure to regularly refresh the page!

3. Payment

After the auction, credit cards on file are automatically run for the total amount of your balance due. You will then receive an itemized receipt via e-mail.

If you would rather pay cash at removal, you must send the Auction Manager an email before the auction closes. There is no discount for paying in cash.

Please note: A buyer’s premium will be added to each purchase (it can vary, so refer to each auction’s Terms for the percentage). For example, if you bid $100 and the buyer’s premium is 20%, you will be charged $120 at check-out.

On real estate auctions, the Auctioneer will contact you immediately after the auction to schedule execution of the purchase contract and earnest money deposit.

4. Removal

All items are required to be picked-up where they are physically located during the published removal times. Worley does not offer any shipping services or loading assistance. However, you can find recommended shippers/ movers on each auction’s landing page.

If you plan on using a mover or shipper, make sure you line them up before the auction closes. Worley cannot be held responsible if they fail to pick-up during the pre-designated times, and we usually cannot accommodate extended or alternate pick-up times.

You are responsible for safely disconnecting, moving and loading your items, so make sure you bring whatever tools, personnel and equipment you need.

Our clients often need their space vacated, so items not picked up during the removal time will be considered abandoned and may be subject to a disposal fee.

Buyer FAQ

I forgot my password… HELP!!

Just click on the "Reset Password" link in the platform.

It’s been a few years since I’ve bid… how do I update my address or credit card details?

Log into the platform and click the icon at the top right. Select "Account Profile" and update your information.

Why do I need a credit card?

The credit card helps guarantee you are who you say you are, and it’s typically how your invoice will be processed when the auction’s over.

What’s with the $25? Is there a fee?

Whenever you register or bid on a new auction event, there is a $25 authorization hold.  This is similar to a hold placed when you check into a hotel.  The authorization hold is immediately released by us after the auction.  Depending on your financial institution, it can take three (3) to ten (10) business days for the funds to become available again.

This authorization occurs per auction, not per item.  So if you place bids on four different auctions, you will see four $25 holds totaling $100.

Can I pay cash?

Normally cards are run automatically at the conclusion of the auction.  If you would rather pay cash at removal, you must send an email to the Auction Manager for that auction before the auction closes and the email MUST include your bidder number.

Please note you have to follow this procedure every time you want to pay cash.  We cannot “flag” your profile to be a cash buyer

Can I pay by wire?

If you have a large invoice and would like to wire your funds, please contact the Auction Manager for that auction and ask for wire instructions.

Please note we cannot release your items until the wire funds are in our account.  Therefore, make sure you initiate the wire right away to prevent any hold-ups in picking up your item(s).

Can I pay using multiple credit cards?

Let’s say you’re buying a high-ticket item like a truck and would like to split payment between two credit cards.  Before the auction ends, send the Auction Manager for that auction a short e-mail indicating 1) that you want to use two cards; and 2) how much you would like to charge to the card CURRENTLY on file. 

After he runs the first amount, he’ll ask you to update your bidder profile  and once you’ve done so, send a 2nd email saying it’s okay to run it for the balance.

Due to our fraud prevention policy, we cannot allow you to use more than two credit cards.  Both credit cards must be issued to you.

I can’t make the removal times. What do I do?

If you cannot make the published removal times, we recommend you either find someone to pick-up on your behalf or hire a packing/shipping/moving company to do so.

Almost all of our auctions are held at our client’s home or place of business.  Often times these spaces are leased and we have firm vacate times.  Scenarios vary from auction to auction… We’ve had several where the bulldozers roll in to tear down a building as soon as we leave. 

Very rarely, we can accommodate an alternate pick-up time or bring a small item back to our office for you.  However, you will be charged an additional $50 at minimum.  DO NOT ASSUME an alternate pick-up is possible!! DO NOT ASSUME we can bring an item back to our office!! You must confirm your arrangement with the Auction Manager before the auction ends.

My employee’s cat’s friend will be picking up my items. What do you need from me so they can pick things up?

If anyone beside yourself (e.g., employee, family, friend, shipper or mover) will be picking up items on your behalf, be sure to fill-out the 3rd PARTY RELEASE FORM available here

You can either 1) send a hard copy with your authorized agent to the removal; or 2) scan and e-mail it to the Auction Manager.

The item looked bigger in the picture… I don’t like what I bought… It’s not what I expected… It won’t fit in my Prius. Can I get a refund?

“No” is the short answer.  All items are sold as-is, where-is, without warranty of any kind, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

While we endeavor to be as forthright as practical in our descriptions and generally include overall measurements, we do have public preview events where you can inspect/ test items prior to purchase.

Most items are used, so there are usually imperfections of some kind.  An auction is not a retail store, sorry- so we cannot offer refunds or returns.

The overwhelming majority of our bidders are happy with what they buy from our auctions.  If you’re ever unsure about the working condition of an item, please come to the Preview event or contact us.  We can’t make guarantees, but we’ll be happy to plug something in for you or let you inspect something remotely via FaceTime.

Certified Appraisers in Cincinnati

Ohio and Kentucky Certified Personal Property Appraisals

Cincinnati appraisers for over 20 years, Worley conducts certified appraisals for businesses, government agencies, estates and individuals.  We also generate appraisals for litigation support, insurance, probate, and charitable donations.

Fully compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), our team of expert appraisers produces defensible appraisals for clients in Cincinnati, Dayton (Montgomery County) and all over the country.  Our court-approved appraisers in Hamilton County, Butler County, Clermont County and Warren County hold an array of prestigious credentials in their field, including GPPA (Graduate Personal Property Appraiser) and CAGA (Certified Appraisers Guild of America).

By definition, an appraisal is an independent, impartial and objective opinion of value.  Our appraisers inspect and photograph the assets; determine the correct approach to value; identify a valuation based on current market conditions; and produce a detailed report.

A Certified Appraisal Report complies with the standards and ethics set forth by USPAP.  A Certified Appraisal Report also maintains a professionalism that’s recognized by courts, financial institutions and insurance companies.  Having a Certified Appraisal Report is a must if your situation calls for an appraisal.

Our billable rate is typically $100/ hour, with a budget identified in the scope of work.  Typically about half is paid as a retainer upon engagement, with the remainder due upon receipt of the report (whether electronically formatted or professionally bound).

We strive to maintain the fastest turn around time possible.  We understand that exigent circumstances arise, and can work to accommodate even the most accelerated timelines.

Call us today for a free consultation! (513) 774-9182

Our Story

Worley Auctioneers is committed to helping businesses, banks, individuals, estates and government agencies turn assets into cash.

Our asset recovery solutions market your property in a competitive bidding environment to achieve the highest possible price.  Our proven methods and professional team have sold millions of dollars in assets coast-to-coast and beyond.

Founded in 1994, Penny Worley conducted hundreds of live auctions and became a pioneer in the online auction industry- introducing the platform to the Cincinnati market in 2001.

Worley continued to grow servicing a contract for the Carlson Group when they re-branded more than 300 TGI Friday’s nationwide.  During the Great Recession, Worley inventoried and auctioned failed banks across the country for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) under a $45 million+ contract.  The firm remains under contract with the FDIC and has conducted auctions in 33 states and Puerto Rico.

In a highly competitive marketplace, we know you have a host of options for asset recovery.  Worley Auctioneers is a proven industry leader:

  • Fully licensed and bonded Auctioneers in the State of Ohio
  • Specializes in large commercial projects; accommodates sensitive timelines; provides professional turnkey service
  • Over 20 years experience liquidating commercial enterprises
  • Vast network of buyers developed from conducting auctions in 33 states
  • Proven track-record for the proper and safe removal of heavy equipment and Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FFE)
  • $2 million commercial liability insurance
  • A+ Rating- Better Business Bureau (BBB)

What We Can Do For You

Event-driven asset sales use customized marketing methods to attract ideal buyers ready to compete with cash in hand. This time-tested environment compels bidders to compete against each other in the ring, saving the Seller the stress of the negotiating table and the uncertainty of a final sale date.

The key to successful personal property liquidation is providing the prospective buyer with complete information in a comfortable sales environment so as to inspire confidence in his purchasing decision.

Worley’s cutting edge marketing methods have been at the forefront of the industry for nearly 20 years. A sharp, secure, and user-friendly website presents the assets and processes their sale with unrivaled speed. Loyal bidders eagerly follow every exciting sale, while Worley targets the most promising prospects for every asset sale and brings them into the arena.

Time Sensitive Events

Worley liquidations are event-driven, unlike ebay or Craigslist that sell single items to single buyers over an extended and usually indefinite period of time. All events occur at a set location during a scheduled preview, closing, and removal. These scheduled events save the Seller valuable time during a transition, and insure the assets are timely liquidated (e.g., lease expiration, estate settlement, contractual commercial deadlines).

Worley Supervised Events

Once the Seller decides to turn assets into cash, Worley provides turnkey services until the assets are sold and the space is clear. Preliminary evaluations; Cataloging and photographing; Marketing; sales and related transactions; and Highly secure and professional on-site management – Worley handles everything. The Seller simply identifies the assets to be sold, saving invaluable time during a key transitional period.

Seller Supervised Events

Clients with fewer assets to liquidate can prepare their own inventories and manage their own preview and removal events. Worley’s rich sales and marketing resources support the event, while the Seller minimizes expenses. Worley provides necessary supplies with a start-to-finish resource guide to streamline the event production process.

Private Sale Events

Sometimes clients elect to limit buyers to employees, associates, other building occupants, or a pre-selected group of prospective purchasers. Estate administrators might even settle contentious disputes or accelerate the estate settlement process by auctioning tangible personal property to the heirs themselves. Whatever the situation, Worley will find an equitable solution.

Bulk Sales

Occasionally circumstances might determine it’s best to sell certain assets in bulk for a single bid to a single purchaser. Worley works closely with the Seller to craft an event that makes financial sense and meets time-sensitive asset removal requirements.

Online Inventories & Valuations

Organizations in transition often need complete and accurate information (accessible and searchable) before final decisions are made on the relocation or liquidation of existing assets. Worley can prepare detailed asset inventories according to variable specifications: including assigning inventory control numbers, item description with corresponding digital photo, manufacturer/model/serial number and other relevant data affecting valuation.

Reports can be prepared as standard spreadsheets or as fully searchable online forms for real-time executive collaboration on asset allocation and disposition. An independent and professionally prepared asset inventory can help an organization’s decision makers, and provide valuable evidence should occasion require.

Worley’s customized asset solutions support individuals and organizations in transition generate the liquidity they need.

Space is precious, and so is your time. Let us do the work to turn your assets into $$$

Worley developed a huge network of restaurant buyers selling over 300 TGI Friday’s coast-to-coast.

Lambos and Indians. And Rusty Gold, too.

We can help with your heavy equipment sale needs.

Helping people with transitions in life.  Auctions Work.

Floor-to-ceiling, you will be amazed at what we’ll turn into cash.

Worley has been an Asset Recovery Auctioneer for the FDIC since 2008.

Marketing is key to recovering top dollar on Assets. Auctions Work!

Accelerated Marketing Plan + Competitive Bidding = Qualified Buyers with Cash in Hand

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Upcoming Auctions

Our Staff

Why Choose Worley?

Private sellers, estate administrators, business executives, and government agencies continually turn to Worley Auctioneers for professional, high-yielding results– despite ebay, Craigslist, and newer amateur spin-offs setting up shop all the time. Why? What makes Worley Auctioneers the trusted leader of the pack?

  • Our realized prices are remarkably competitive, often far exceeding wholesale prices. Aircraft, collector cars, heavy equipment, rare antiques, numismatic collections, restaurant equipment, large commercial inventories, and entire estates. Nothing is beyond our expertise or too large for us to efficiently liquidate.
  • We offer professional turn-key service, saving you valuable time and giving you the peace of mind that we’ll take care of everything from day one. All of our staff has years of professional auction experience and holds federal security clearances. We catalog the assets and professionally manage the whole process.
  • From day one, you’ll work one-on-one with a Project Manager available 24/7 to keep you updated and handle any questions or issues that may arise. Having a personal, direct contact always available keeps the process smooth. You’ll never get the run-around or get routed to a call center.
  • Worley Auctioneers works on your timeline—whether you need to vacate leased space; meet liquidation deadlines; quickly settle an estate; or urgently generate cash flow. We can coordinate on-site work to occur day or night to avoid any disruption to your operations.
  • The auction process is efficiently and securely managed. We make sure the facility isn’t damaged and the space is as clean as you need it to be. Auction events such as item preview and pick-up are seamlessly run, and can be as discreet or high profile as the situation requires. Our secure online bidding software insures a timely settlement, and we can customize reporting to meet your requirements.


Past Auctions

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Worley Auctioneers

P.O. Box 8094

Cincinnati OH 45249

Office: 513.774.9182

Contact us for a FREE consultation!

Welcome to Worley Auctioneers

Cincinnati Based Live & On-Line Auctioneers /Realtors/ Private Selling Officers 

Leading Ohio and The Nation as Liquidators of Bank Assets, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Classic Cars, Estates, Rolling Stock, Construction & Restaurant Equipment, Pre Demolition Asset Recovery , Inventory Reductions & Fund Raising Services!

Worley Auctioneers is a Full Service, Licensed & Bonded Auction Firm.. Worley Auctioneers has been a Contract Auctioneer for the FDIC Since 2008

Apr 27
  •   Apr 18 @ 6:00PM EDT (Start)
  •   Apr 27 @ 4:00PM EDT (End)
  •   Add to Calendar
Open House:
  •   Friday, April 27, 2018 @ 10:00am
  •   Friday, April 27, 2018 @ 11:00am (End)
Former Deli in Downtown Cincinnati
BID NOW!! More Items Coming Soon!!
May 19
  •   Apr 20 @ 9:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   May 19 @ 3:00PM EDT (End)
  •   Add to Calendar
Open House:
  •   Friday, May 18, 2018 @ 4:00pm
  •   Friday, May 18, 2018 @ 6:00pm (End)
Private Collection of the late Sam Jenike (owner of the DUST JACKET in Mt. Lookout Square)
Bidding Now Open!!
May 25
  •   Apr 5 @ 10:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   May 25 @ 3:00PM EDT (End)
  •   Add to Calendar
Open House:
  •   Friday, May 25, 2018 @ 11:00am
  •   Friday, May 25, 2018 @ 1:00pm (End)
Bidding Opens April 4th!!  Check back for catalog.  Auction features restaurant/ cafeteria equipment/ desks/ tables/ chairs/ and so much more!!

Past Auctions

Apr 19
  •   Mar 29 @ 11:00PM CDT (Start)
  •   Apr 19 @ 6:00PM CDT (End)
Boston Terrier Decor/ Memorabilia/ Artwork and More! Lifetime Collection of Late Breeder and Association President
Preview TODAY (10am-noon) and Auction Closes 2pm!!
Apr 13
  •   Mar 24 @ 8:56PM EDT (Start)
  •   Apr 13 @ 2:00PM EDT (End)
AYSB FOOD SERVICE Excess Equipment Auction BLODGETT double-stack oven/ Can and/or Bottle Vending Machines with Working Refrigeration/ Snack and Sandwich Machines/ Tanning Beds and More!
Sale Pending!!
Apr 10
  •   Mar 10 @ 5:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Apr 10 @ 6:00PM EDT (End)
Custom Brick Ranch Nestled in the Heart of Taylor Mill on 1/2 Acre Lot- 3BR/ 3BA- Huge Cook's Kitchen- Unfinished Basement w/ 11ft. Ceilings
PREVIEW TODAY (11am-1pm) and Auction Ends 6pm!!
Apr 9
  •   Mar 27 @ 9:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   Apr 9 @ 6:00PM EDT (End)
Grandfather Clock/ Retro Outdoor Furniture/ Antiques/ COACH Purses/ Jewelry and More!
Apr 7
  •   Mar 13 @ 10:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   Apr 7 @ 4:00PM EDT (End)
1931 Model A Mail Truck/ 1988 LINCOLN Mach VII/ Antique Furniture/ Cast Iron Banks/ Collectibles Galore- Disney/ George Riecke Oil Painting/ Cast Iron Stoves and More!
Apr 7
  •   Mar 12 @ 9:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   Apr 7 @ 3:00PM EDT (End)
Estate of Julian F. Zwolski Victorian Home on Double Lot- 4BR/ 1BA- Oversized, Newer Detached Garage- Two Gorgeous Antique Tile Fireplaces- Hardwood and Woodwork Throughout  
Mar 11
  •   Feb 7 @ 8:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Mar 11 @ 3:00PM EDT (End)
Power-of-Attorney Auction, Lake Lorelei Property 2BR/ 1 BA/ 1176 sq. ft. Home- perfect for getaways or full-time residence
Mar 11
  •   Feb 11 @ 1:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Mar 11 @ 2:00PM EDT (End)
Power-of-Attorney Ordered Auction Gorgeous Crotch Walnut Cylinder Desk/ Antique Furniture/ Brilliant American Period Cut Glass/ Carnival Glass and More!
Mar 4
  •   Feb 22 @ 12:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Mar 4 @ 6:00PM EST (End)
SHORT NOTICE Restaurant Auction in Florence KY, just 15 min. south of Cincy Granite-top Tables/ MANITOWAC Ice Machine/ Refrigeration/ 20-seat Round Private Dining Table/ Walk-in Cooler/ Freezer and More!
Feb 25
  •   Jan 24 @ 10:00AM EST (Start)
  •   Feb 25 @ 6:00PM EST (End)
MARTIN Lighting/ Sound/ Bar Promo Items/ Art/ Electronics/ Sports Memorabilia and More!
Feb 21
  •   Jan 16 @ 9:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Feb 21 @ 2:00PM EST (End)
VUE Ultra Lounge.  Dayton OH Nightclub Closed after 13 Years- Everything Must Go!
Feb 8
  •   Feb 2 @ 3:30PM EST (Start)
  •   Feb 8 @ 4:00PM EST (End)
Downstairs Bar/ Crown Molding/ Wainscotting/ Excess Equipment/ Antiques and More!
Feb 1
  •   Jan 12 @ 5:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Feb 1 @ 4:00PM EST (End)
Restaurant Equipment/ Decor/ Knives/ Sportswear/ Outdoor Ornaments and So Much More Auction Hundreds of Items- perfect for the consumer or reseller!
Jan 31
  •   Jan 18 @ 10:00AM EST (Start)
  •   Jan 31 @ 7:00PM EST (End)
2005 NISSAN 350Z and 2003 CADILLAC SEVILLE SLS- Vehicle Estate Auction
Jan 30
  •   Jan 27 @ 6:45PM EST (Start)
  •   Jan 30 @ 7:00PM EST (End)
SAMSUNG Washer/ Dryer/ Dolls/ Collectibles/ Britto Art/ Furniture and More Auction- SUPER SHORT NOTICE!! Don't Miss It!
Jan 28
  •   Jan 21 @ 6:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Jan 28 @ 6:00PM EST (End)
Carpet Liquidation Auction Commercial Carpet Tiles/ Rolls/ Residential Carpet/ Indoor Tile/ Carts/ Office Furniture and More!!
SOLD: $122,559!
Jan 28
  •   Jan 10 @ 9:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Jan 28 @ 2:00PM EST (End)
Florence KY Warehouse Full of Computers, IT Equipment Individual and Bulk Lots! Everything Must Go!
Jan 25
  •   Jan 12 @ 5:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Jan 25 @ 4:00PM EST (End)
Slot Machines, Vending Machines and More! Excess Equipment at Huber Heights Flea Market
Jan 24
  •   Jan 12 @ 5:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Jan 24 @ 4:00PM EST (End)
Dayton's legendary jazz and blues nightclub Gilly's closed its doors after 45 years.  Everything must go!!
Jan 16
  •   Jan 9 @ 2:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Jan 16 @ 2:00PM EST (End)
Upcoming Dayton OH foreclosure AUCTION: 3-bedroom, 1 bath single family, 1249 sq ft. Pending return of appraisal and auction date AUCTIONEER/ AGENT: Penny Worley (513) 310-2596
Jan 9
  •   Dec 5 @ 7:20PM EST (Start)
  •   Jan 9 @ 4:00PM EST (End)
85ft. Crane Truck/ VISION 2424 Engraving System/ Neon Production Equipment/ Neon Signs and More!
Jan 5
  •   Jan 4 @ 2:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Jan 5 @ 2:00PM EST (End)
Short Notice Sale of ABANDONED ITEMS Ending Friday at 2PM!!
Jan 2
  •   Dec 11 @ 10:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Jan 2 @ 2:00PM EST (End)
This is an ONLINE-ONLY Auction- it is NOT a live auction where you place bids in person. Register and Bid ONLINE-ONLY!!  Floor-to-ceiling online auction event featuring imported Irish mahogany throughout, antiquities & curiosities, refrigeration, kitchen equipment, seating, architectural salvage and more!
Dec 27
  •   Dec 2 @ 6:20PM EST (Start)
  •   Dec 27 @ 7:00PM EST (End)
Contemporary Furniture/ Electronics/ Fine Art (Oriental, Southwestern, Native American) and More! Estate of Patrick J. Rader- Hamilton Co. Probate Case #2017002828
Dec 19
  •   Dec 8 @ 11:00AM EST (Start)
  •   Dec 19 @ 2:00PM EST (End)
BLACK BOX Carts/ DELL Laptops/ IBM ThinkPad/ APPLE iPad iPod/ Office Supplies and More! Ohio Charter School Auctions
Nov 29
  •   Nov 13 @ 2:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Nov 29 @ 7:00PM EST (End)
2004 HYUNDAI Sante Fe/ LA-Z-BOY Brown Leather Furniture/ MAYTAG Washer & Dryer and More!
Nov 14
  •   Nov 3 @ 10:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   Nov 14 @ 6:30PM EST (End)
Fine Furniture/ Thousands of Collectibles: DISNEY, HARMONY KINGDOM, CHRISTOPHER RADKO
Nov 9
  •   Oct 26 @ 2:00PM EDT (Start)
  •   Nov 9 @ 2:00PM EST (End)
Fine Furniture/ Tables & Chairs/ Artwork and More!!
Oct 26
  •   Oct 13 @ 11:00PM EDT (Start)
  •   Oct 26 @ 6:00PM EDT (End)
Watchmaker's Desk & Tools/ 1800's Pennsylvania Furniture/ Unique Treasures! Cincinnati Antique Auctions
Oct 17
  •   Oct 3 @ 9:00PM EDT (Start)
  •   Oct 17 @ 6:00PM EDT (End)
Antiques/ Furniture/ Collectibles and More!
Sep 27
  •   Sep 6 @ 1:20PM EDT (Start)
  •   Sep 27 @ 2:00PM EDT (End)
Safes and Safe Deposit Boxes for Sale near Columbus OH
SOLD: $53,350!
Sep 27
  •   Aug 26 @ 12:30PM EDT (Start)
  •   Sep 27 @ 1:30PM EDT (End)
Victorian 4-Bedroom, 3.5 Bath with Wrap-Around Porch, Gorgeous Woodwork and Fireplace in Circleville OH
SOLD: $55,000!
Sep 27
  •   Aug 26 @ 11:30AM EDT (Start)
  •   Sep 27 @ 1:00PM EDT (End)
Ordered Sold by LCNB Bank- ABSOLUTE to the Highest Bidder Regardless of Price!
Sep 20
  •   Sep 6 @ 2:00PM EDT (Start)
  •   Sep 20 @ 7:00PM EDT (End)
2008 NISSAN Versa SL/ Midcentury Modern Furniture/ Antiques/ Artwork/ Tools and More!! Cincinnati Downsizing/ Moving Auction
Aug 30
  •   Aug 19 @ 10:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   Aug 30 @ 7:00PM EDT (End)
Contemporary Office Furniture/ Appliances/ Electronics/ Artwork and More!! Worley's Corporate Office is Relocating to Furnished Space (our 5th move in 23 years)   Used Contemporary Office Furniture in Cincinnati OH! AUCTION LOCATION: 7264 Columbia Rd. Maineville OH 45039 AUCTION BEGINS TO CLOSE: Wednesday, August 30th - 7:00 PM Eastern PREVIEW: Wednesday, August 30th- 1PM till 3PM REMOVAL: Thursday, August 31st- 10AM-1PM SHARP Please Contact Us With Any Questions That You May Have. Auction Manager: William Hesch- cell. 513.444.6329
Aug 16
  •   Jul 27 @ 10:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   Aug 16 @ 6:00PM EDT (End)
Downsizing Moving Sale in Maineville OH. 2008 SATURN Vue/ JOHN Deere Riding Mower/ Fine Furniture/ Artwork/ Outdoor Patio Set and More!
14ft. Enclosed Trailer- Excellent Condition
Aug 10
  •   Jul 27 @ 3:00PM EDT (Start)
  •   Aug 10 @ 2:00PM EDT (End)
UNITED 14ft. Enclosed Trailer type: XLV-714TA35-8.5-S BUY IT NOW PRICE: $3000 plus buyer's premium
Jul 27
  •   Jun 29 @ 8:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   Jul 27 @ 7:30PM EDT (End)
New Auction! 2008 BUICK Rendezvous CXL/ 2003 BUICK Park Avenue/ Antique Baby Grand Piano/ Fine Furniture/ Artwork and More!! PREVIEW: Sat. 7/8 and Sun. 7/16 (1pm-3pm)
SOLD! Let Us Sell for You, Too!
Jul 19
  •   Jul 3 @ 2:18PM EDT (Start)
  •   Jul 19 @ 2:00PM EDT (End)
Restaurant Equipment/ Tables & Chairs/ Bar Chairs/ Lighting/ and More!
Jul 14
  •   Jun 28 @ 8:30AM EDT (Start)
  •   Jul 14 @ 2:00PM EDT (End)
X-Ray Machine/ 12ft. Enclosed Trailer/ Computers/ IP Phones/ Office Furniture/ Medical Equipment INFOCUS Videoconferencing/ IP Phones & Server/ Office Furniture/ Medical Equipment/ Computers/ Laptops and More!!  Sterling Medical Excess Equipment Auction
Jul 11
  •   Jun 21 @ 9:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   Jul 11 @ 4:00PM EDT (End)
Bidding Now Open!
Jul 10
  •   Jun 22 @ 12:00PM EDT (Start)
  •   Jul 10 @ 4:00PM EDT (End)
Grandfather Clock/ Fine Furniture/ Antiques/ Memorabilia and More!!
Jul 8
  •   Jun 16 @ 6:50PM EDT (Start)
  •   Jul 8 @ 4:00PM EDT (End)
Bidding Now Open!
SOLD: $271,000!
Just off Kings Mills Rd., 4-bedroom Move-in Ready Home with 2 Full/ 2 Half Baths; Finished Basement; Family Room w/ Walk Out onto Wooded Patio