Real Estate Auctions

You may think that only foreclosure property is sold at auction, but not anymore!

Worley Auctioneers Auction Company’s Real Estate Solutions Marketing Process is a quick and efficient way to sell real estate and it’s growing in popularity. We work with real estate agents, private individuals, financial institutions, attorneys, government agencies, and corporations to expedite sales by auction. We take an innovative, customized approach in selling real estate.

Our agents hold real estate licenses as well as auctioneer licenses. Our in-house marketing department creates a fully customized program, which consists of multi-media advertising, brochures, direct mail, promotion and personal contacts.

The Real Estate Solutions Advantages are:

  • Timely sale
  • High carrying costs are avoided
  • Cash sale
  • No contingencies
  • Sold as-is, where-is
  • Customized advertising program
  • Scheduled “Open Houses”
  • Negotiations are limited
  • Competitive Bidding
  • True market value is established
  • Potential to realize more than the expected price

The Absolute Auction.

  • In an absolute auction, the property is sold to the highest bidder regardless of price.
  • The main advantage of an absolute auction is that it generates maximum response from the marketplace since the sale is guaranteed.
  • The excitement and participation by the buyer is heightened generally netting the seller the highest price based on the increased competition.

Auction Subject to Confirmation.

  • An auction subject to confirmation allows the seller to predetermine the price at which the property will be sold.
  • The seller is not obligated to accept a price that is unsatisfactory.
  • The seller may accept or reject the high bid within a specified time, usually less than 24 hours.

Time is money…. do the math

  • Monthly Mortgage Payment
  • Annual Insurance (divide by 12)
  • Annual Taxes (divide by 12)
  • electric bill
  • water bill
  • phone bill
  • security bill
  • lawn service
  • Additionally you may have vandalism to a vacant property
    along with the ongoing maintenance