About Worley Auctions

Growing up in Lebanon, Ohio , Penny Worley spent her weekends along side her father fishing the Little Miami River and enjoying the local Auction Barn. It was then that Penny fell in love with Auctions! Penny began her professional career in direct sales & marketing, but it wasn’t long before her Entrepenuerial spirit began to blossom.

In 1994 Worley Auctioneers & Appraisers Inc. was founded. From that moment on, the Cincinnati Auction Market would never be the same. Worley’s extreme emphasis on event marketing & branding launched them to the top within the Tri-State area. Realizing that every clients needs are different , Worley set out to create an elite force of marketing professionals devoted to the specific needs for each and every client. This philosophy has never waivered, and with that mind set, Worley has embraced change & adaptability from the very beginning. Penny has always encouraged an “outside the box” approach among her team members. Mixed with family values, hard work, and integrity, this approach to business has been Worley’s recipe for success. Worley has always been considered a pioneer in the auction industry, and in 2001 Worley introduced the first online auction platform to Cincinnati. With such innovation early in the game, Worley has maintained an ever growing stable of qualified competitive buyers using technology. Although pioneering an industry comes with it many hurdles, Worley has been able to perfect the “online auction” product, and in 2004 Worley launched their complete scale online auction format. This format has ROCKED the auction industry so much, that Worley has spawned several imitators of their business model in the Cincinnati Tri-State Region. Worley continues to provide proven asset solution in the Cincinnati, Ohio area as well an extremely extensive National Market that has grown as a result of the many National Corporate Contracts Worley maintains.

In 2008 Worley Auctioneers & Appraisers Inc. was awarded a National contract by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to liquidate assets. This contract, along with the experience & success of many high profile projects has allowed Worley to flourish and aquire resources within the online auction industry that gives them a superior advantage over their competitors.